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Flesh Fog

$ 15.00

They're finally here! Volume 1 contains the terrifying scents of the original bath bomb line. Now you can smell like the true ghoul you are out of the bath tub! Try any and all of your favorite scents

Blood Bath: amber and dragons blood, soft and sensual, this is GDBS #1 selling scent

Soul Eater: Cedar, vetiver, saffron, and a hint of patchouli, this blend is a great unisex scent that invokes sensuality, calm and a walk in the forest.

Your Mother Uses Perfume In Hell: an exorcism on a rainy day, church incense with a hint of clean rain, great unisex scent

The Angry Princess: death lilies and creeping moss, a sensual floral blend with a hint of mellow spice that even floral haters love, this was the #1 requested return scent!

Sweet Suffering: sweet blood oranges, earthy figs and a dollop of sweetened cream, this scent is the same scent as Pinheads Box and is a cult favorite scent. 

Ghosts of Seguin Island- salty sea air, pelting rains, decaying wood, small wisps of chai and patchouli.

Spider Gates- a dark and sensual blend of upturned earth, wet vegetation and blended with midnight and french vanilla.

The Bridgewater Triangle- sweet and gooey toasted marshmallows, campfire smoke and dead leaves.

The Demon House- crisp New England apples with hidden razor blades, local salt water taffy, rotting pumpkins and dried gourds. 

4 oz glass bottle with designed vinyl label and mist sprayer.

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