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FunDead Publications is a small indie publishing house located in Salem, MA. I adore these books and had to make sure to get them into all the Ghoulies claws. See below for information on each book offered. FunDead Website

One Night in Salem

Throngs of tourists pack the streets from Derby to Essex. Costumed children and adults visit haunted attractions and browse t-shirt shops and street vendors’ booths. A veiled figure appears, and you catch her out of the corner of your eye, but she quickly disappears into the crowd… or perhaps into thin air? The night is filled with laughter and screams as the living walk shoulder to shoulder with the dead.

Halloween in Salem has expanded into a month-long celebration of all things creepy, but in four hundred years of history, October 31st has held many mysterious customs and dark events, lost and forgotten in the passing of decades. From the cursed Puritan settlers to the Great Salem Fire of 1914, and the whispers of war in 1812 to the story of a bullet hole in an alley on Gedney Street, travel through time, as ghosts mingle with the living, glimpsing the Witch City on the most important night of the year, October 31st. Available 9/30/17.

Featuring stories by:

Erin Crocker, Kathleen Halecki, Linette Kasper, Elizabeth Sweetman, Nancy Brewka-Clark, Jim Towns, E. D. Margay, L. W. Bellin, Jonathan Nichols, Jeremy Megargee, Samantha Lucero, Heddy Johannesen, Daniel LeFever, R. C. Mulhare, Steve Zisson, Chad McClendon, Kevin Lewis, Patrick Cooper, Charles Reis, Benjamin Thomas, Amber Newberry, Bret Valdez, Laurie Moran

Night in New Orleans: Bizarre Beats from the Big Easy

"There is but one New Orleans," they say, bustling with joie de vivre, celebrating non-stop, but step closer, into the clinging, honeysuckle-scented air, and you will find a darker version of the Big Easy, depending on what you believe is true. Tales of vampires, werewolves, curses, and mysterious half-human bayou creatures are pervasive in New Orleans’ culture. Visitors may pass them off as folk tales and superstitions, but the locals know to never go into the deep swamp alone or into the cemetery at night. Tale or truth? In New Orleans, the line between them bleeds.

We are pleased to announce that our newest short story anthology, Night in New Orleans, is releasing on April 1st, 2017. This new collection, set in The Big Easy, will contain nineteen dark stories to thrill and horrify. Grab a beignet and a cafe au lait and settle in for another FunDead Publications creation!

This anthology will include the following writers: Richard Pastor, Jonathan Shipley, Hillary Lyon, Klara Gomez, Ellery D. Margay, Erin Crocker, Pamela Q. Fernandez, DJ Tyrer, Corrine Phillips, Nathan Pettigrew, Cassandra Arnold, Joshua James Jordan, J. Benjamin Sanders Jr., P.L. McMillan, Brian Malachy Quinn, Jonathan D. Nichols, Bret Valdez, Brad P. Christy, and Laurie Moran

Stories Selected By: Amber Newberry

Edited By: Laurie Moran & Amber Newberry

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