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Hot Weather is Upon Us, Acne Abound!

Anyone else crave warmer weather and then when it hits we are instantly regretting it and want to fast forward to fall? With the the warmer weather hitting us you may expect some breakouts. This happens for a number of reasons but I'm here to share with you some tips  (and possible reasons why you break out) to help control breakouts over the summer.

Facial Breakouts

  • Clean your cellphone with sanitizing wipes or spray alchohol

There is SO much bacteria on your phone so if your experiencing breakouts on your "talking side" be sure to clean it regularly. 

  • Skip the iced coffee and reach for some water

Breaking out by the temples? This may be a sign of adrenal exhaustion. I'm guilty of being addicted to iced coffee to keep me cool but try to reach for more water (like 64 oz daily) to help flush toxins and help keep skin clear. 

  • Switch tootpaste

Wait what?! Yes, your toothpaste can make you break out, if you're experiencing weird scattered patterns of break outs around the mouth you may need to search for an alternate type of toothpaste. I use Toms tooth paste and have never looked back!

  • Change out your pillowcase more regularly

No, you're not a savage if you only change them once a week, but during warmer months you tend to sweat more and your pillow and pillow case are filled with bacteria. So you may want to invest in some extra 100% cotton pillowcases to change out every few days to help with break outs that are occurring on your "sleeping side".  And always wash your face in the morning!

  • Wash your face at night

I know this seems like a gimme but you'd be surprised how often I hear "But I only put on BB cream/ tinted moisturizer / SPF / I didn't do anything today" ... If you drive and your windows are down you're getting dirt and road goo all over your face at high speed. If you wear SPF to bed your skin cannot breathe, SPF acts like a molecular mesh net over your face, its great for keeping skin protected but it doesn't allow your skin slurp up that oxygen that it so needs to keep skin clear. So wash it all off whether you did anything that day or not. Seriously.


Body Breakouts

  • Wear 100% cotton clothing

During my retro polyester phase I discovered my skin hated polyester, I had break outs everywhere and at the time I wasn't educated to the fact that your skin can't breathe with poly blends. I switched to 100% cotton t shirts (fashion trends be damned) and my skin high fived me. Summer time you're sweating like a beast and your skin needs a way to breathe and keep itself clean. If you're experiencing breakouts on your chest, shoulders or back this may be an easy step for you to try out.

  • Wash your body last in the shower

Have breakouts on your back and shoulders? Your conditioner may be to blame. If you're not washing your body as your last step in the shower you are leaving all that product thats made to condition your hair settle and make a hateful home on your back. Opt to invest in a back scrubber to help exfoliate.

  • Put your hair up

Sorry Helena Bonam Carter hair, you're getting put into a top knot. As much as I love having my hair wild and free if you're experiencing breakouts between the shoulder blades your hair may be the cause. Think about any and all product you put into your hair, once you start sweating it basically sticks to your skin and makes a barrier so you're skin screams "Help me!". So skip the temptress locks and go for a brooding top knot until your skin clears up. 

  • Try switching to a more natural laundry detergent and dryer sheets

During the summer months your pores are open more than ever before, which means your more sensitive to a lot more things than you'd like to admit (no one likes changing out favorites for something new). Detergents and fragrance nestled in your sheets may be causing some issues if you have all over breakouts, hives or irritation when you wake up. I personally use Grab Green Natural 3-in-1 Laundry Detergent Powder and I've never looked back!

  • 100% cotton bras and astringents are your boobies friends

Experiencing breakouts on your chest, between, under and all over your breasts? Yep, bacteria thrives in dark, damp and dirty areas and your boobies are a party town for them. They're being smooshed together and while no one likes to admit they sweat, they totally do. Help combat that by finding bras that are 100% cotton and throughout the day spray a toner that contains tea tree, wipe down your cleavage with witch hazel or use a facial wipe. It's a weird habit to get into but I promise you it made such a huge difference in me personally as well as my clients!

  • Use Tarman's Face Melt Detox Mask as a treatment (shameless plug)

I love love love using this on my shoulders and chest! If you have a masking buddy have them apply the treatment on your back. Flying solo? Totally cool, you're a boss ass ghoul who can add a little to your shower gels and make it a quick treatment ( just let it sit on your affected areas as long as possible before rinsing).

Everyday Essentials

  • Wash your face twice daily
  • Use appropriate skincare
  • Use SPF (savor that pale flesh!)
  • Be aware of what your skin needs

Happy Warm Weather my Ghoulies!

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